Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yard Sale Success!

It rained all night. All night! Thunder, lightening, pouring rain. I was positive the sale was going to be a wash out. (Oh! That was bad!) Woke up at seven and it had stopped raining and the weather people said that it would stay clear. And low and behold, it did. It was cloudy and threatening, but it never rained. The trees were really wet and anytime the wind blew, we would have a mini rain shower. The sale went over pretty well. Got rid of lots and lots of stuff and made a little green in the process. I can mark "Have Yard Sale" off my very long to do list!

Today, E and I went to Cleveland for a poetry reading in honor of his friend Jack's 79th birthday. Jack was going to read a bunch of his stuff and there would be cake and whatnot. What we didn't know was that another poet would also be reading, and this guy was the worst. Absolutely miserable, insane poetry. It made you want to scream and bolt from the room. This guy's claim to fame is that sometimes he makes a clever pun. That's it. That's all he's got beside dressing weird, acting insane and forcing people to not only listen to his crap, but read along with his endless handouts. The guy must spend a fortune on paper! I only applauded when he said he was done. It was a very long afternoon.

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