Monday, August 14, 2006

Camping and cartoons

I see I need to do a little catch-up here and recap the weekend. Friday night, all four of us were somewhere different. Ethan was camping out at Findley with his Boy Scout troop. They fished, went boating and cooked out. I was out at Timberlane on a Leader Only overnight. We had a campfire, laid out in Green Meadows to watch the meteor shower (only two shooting stars the whole cold, wet time we were out there), giggled a lot, hiked everywhere, had a yummy brunch prepared for us and then had water aerobics. Lovely! Callie spent the night at a friend's where they did who knows what, but all her nails are polished now. And E had a late softball game in which he hit his first ever homerun! I'm so bummed that we all missed it!

Saturday afternoon I had to run out to Findley to pick up Ethan, because we had a big night ahead of us. We were off to Blossom Music Center and the Cleveland Orchestra performing Bugs Bunny on Broadway. A first for the kids to go there and it's been a long time since E and I were at Blossom. The crowd was huge! The whole hill was filled and there was enough food there to feed a small country!

I've never sat in the pavilion before, but that's where our tickets were for the show. Not exactly sure how it happened really, but check out how close we were to the stage! I told the kids this was probably the one and only time they would ever sit inside at Blossom so enjoy it now.
They showed the Bugs Bunny cartoons up on the screens and then the orchestra played the music along with it. There were about 12 different shows including a Roadrunner and Coyote, The Rabbit of Seville and What's Opera, Doc?. It was wonderful and so much fun! I will never listen to cartoon music in the same way again!


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

How cool! Sounds like a great night!

did you throw any sod for old times sake? and did you have Eric lead you to safety in a big hand-holding line away from the killer mosh pit?

J. said...

When I said it was a long time, THAT WAS the last time we were there. Even told the kids, "You were here before actually..." (They were pretty impressed by those stories!)But no, didn't throw sod, didn't punch anyone, and no mosh pit. A disappointing evening in that respect. Did have to hold hands to stay together though!

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Brewer still whines that he missed out on that night (cause Brook didn't invite him and he was out of the state camping with boy scouts anyway)

this reminds me: when we visited with my aunt and uncle, I mentioned that we had visited Pixie and they right away said "they had twins. a boy and a girl, right? How are they doing? they should be getting big now, huh?" Wow! I have family members that don't remember ME that well :)

That WAS a great night! I never had as much fun there again :)