Thursday, August 10, 2006

Number Twelve

Yesterday found the Andersons taking in the sights and sounds of the beach in lovely tropical Avon Lake. While the kids splashed around, E and I took a stroll down the beach. Lying there, abandoned in the sand was Number Twelve. Number Twelve is a scuba diver with a little 12 on his chest (hence the name). I looked around for Numbers One through Eleven or even the missing companion of this fallen hero. But Number Twelve was alone and needed a new team behind him. I knew just the two. Here is his story told by his two new best friends.

E: This is the city that Number Twelve rules. Everyone loves him.

C: They rebuilt this city after the volcano destroyed the other one.

E: Here he is defeating the dinosaur dictator.
C: The dinosaur was the dictator of the sandbox. Now Number Twelve rules it!

E: Here he is sitting on his throne.

C: Number Twelve is always trying to get to deep water, but he never makes it.
E: He never makes it because he gets distracted by something else. Always.
C: He goes around in his bucket boat and finds shells and rocks.
E: Once he got stranded but he didn't know it.
C: Once when he got seasick, he ate his favorite shell.
E: The one time that he did make it to the deep water, he couldn't see anything because it was dirty.
C: He liked the slides at the playground. That's how he became the Master of Air!
E: He likes sand. That's how he became Master of Land.
C: He often loses his foot.


Nance said...

The fact that you looked around for numbers one thru eleven is killing me.

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

My E is thinking that he wants to head to the beach with you guys cause "they find cool stuff" and "how come we never find good stuff when we go places?" :)