Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Day Outdoors

Today E. and the girl went out to Camp Timberlane for the annual Father Daughter Day. They had a really beautiful day to be out there. Clear skies and not too hot. They swan, canoed, did archery and hiked. Last year the craft was making a bat house, which was cool. This year is was a making a rattle, pop bottle tops wired to a stick. A bit of a let down. It was too warm to stand by the fire and make a s'more so they took off a little early. This was the fifth year they've gone out for this day together at camp.

The boy and I weren't about just to sit around so we headed down to Bur Oak bike trail and did the whole thing. We stopped now and then and explored the side trails. We even went wading in the river for awhile. We chased tiny fish and the boy found a cool little rock.
Another trail took us down to this really huge cottonwood tree. It's so special they've got it all caged up so it won't run away!
The best part of the day was that E. and the girl stopped at Joe Bocarrdi's, which has the yummiest pizza ever, and brought one home!

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Nance said...

From a bat house to a bottletop RATTLE...!?!?! Whaaa? A rattle for what? Fergetit. Bake some killer chocolate frosted brownies, don't cut 'em, sit outside, and attack the pan all together. Mom and Dad can bust out a bottle of merlot and bless the cooler weather.