Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No more complaining

I've made myself sick with complaining about the heat and I resolve to do no more of it. It does no good and I suspect it might actually make you hotter just by talking about it. Very bad news today about the neighbor's pool though. It's leaking and we have to stay out until they can fix it. The timing is rotten to say the least.

To get out of the hot today (and that's not a complaint, just stating a fact) we went to the movies and saw Monster House. It was better than I expected and had some really dark, creepy parts to it. We also had lunch at Bellachino's which has the best nachos in town. That was the project last summer the kids and I worked on, to find the best nachos. We had these cool forms we made up to rate taste, variety, and price. We hit all the restaurants, clipboard in hand. So now if we want nachos, there's no messing around, right to the top.

Hey, let me hear from you out there! I know leaving a comment looks like you have to register, but you can just click anonymous and skip all of that. I'd love to know who's still reading this beside or is it just you and me, Chip?


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

~~hand waving frantically in the air~~
I'm here!

We are hoping to see Monster House next week for the very last cheap family movie viewing. This week is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which we already own but for a tiny $10 we can see it on the big screen with free popcorn and in the AC)

As for the nachos, did you try Moe's? It's by the, oh crap (see what happens when you don't live in Ohio anymore) Ok, I think its Avon Commons (there is an old navy, red robin, panera, costco, target, micheals and that's all I can remember right now). anyway, Moe's isn't in there. It is just up the street...

If you don't know where it is, check out moes.com and check out the locations. That particular Moe's is the best one we've ever been too. Yummy Yum Yumm!

Now, did I rattle on and on about it and you all already knew about it and rated their nachos? :)

Gotta go get the kids dressed for the movie

J. said...

Didn't know about Moe's and they slipped by unrated! Will have to go and do follow up!

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

the hot salsa at the drink and salsa station is HOT! (so ya know) :) and when you walk in the door, they yell "Welcome to Moe's!"(so it doesn't surprise ya and freak ya out, like it did us the first time) :)

Have fun!

Nance said...

Jen, I'm just aghast that you are managing this horrid heatwave without even ONE AIRCONDITIONED ROOM!!! That's just plain inhumane. You have to be a wet dishrag of a mom by now. Bless you. And, yes, I am a loyal reader, just not a regular commenter. Can you relate? Ahem...!