Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just Another Night

Last night we had a very lovely Girl Scout meeting here. Got plenty of decisions made and ideas kicked around. Bronze Award, here we come! During the meeting the girls got busy with the chalk. As you can see, they left no stone unmarked!

On the cat and kittens front, there has been a change of plans. Last night, while everyone was here, Mama got upstairs and promptly went to one of her favorite places, behind the TV. After a short while, she ran down the stairs, grabbed a kitten and started heading out. It didn't take a genius to see that Mama had decided the living room would be a much better nest than the dank basement. We stopped her, locked her behind the door and cinder blocks and bemoaned our fate. What we were going to do? At 1 AM, I decided. Our feline family would be locked in my bedroom, instead of the basement. Dry, warm, safe, perfect. We can easily keep Marco in the dark about the whole thing and get to enjoy the kittens. Downside: Living with cat food and a litter box in my bedroom. *Sigh*

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

You can *sigh* all you want, but you know you love it :)