Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Developments

I'm going to run through quick the weekend. Saturday night we were invited over to friends for a cookout which was super yummy and swimming for the kids. The weather held off and it was a relaxed and enjoyable evening.
The next morning we drove all the way down the Anderson family reunion which is in Quaker City. A bit of a haul. Tons of food and even more family. It was the most perfect day to be down there this year. Not sizzling hot or pouring rain. And take a look at the view!
But none of that is important because look what happened!

Oh yeah, it's kittens, two of them. I realize now that I haven't been keeping you all up on the developments with the cat. (If you would like a recap on how all this got started you can check back to May postings.) We've been living on the fringe of having a cat all summer. She hung around and got fed. We got to pet her and love her without dealing with litterboxes or the Marco issues. And then about a month ago it became apparent that other trouble was brewing. Our skinny little stray was putting on the weight and it wasn't fat. Come to find out from web article reading that this is a fairly common things for cats to do to people: adopt some sucker family and then get knocked up.

We couldn't find her for two days, even though Marco was trying to tell us where she was. Finally E. found her and the two kits on the steps going down to the outside entrance to the basement. Almost where we found her originally. We've unblocked the door and she's moved herself and her family into a box down the back part of the basement. The problem is still Marco. Having kittens in our disgusting basement isn't ideal to say the least, but we really have no choice. The dog is so big and clumsy, there's no way he can be around the babies and his relationship with the Mama has never been great. I keep being told how much fun kittens are, but we are going to miss all of it with them downstairs behind a door fortified with cider blocks to keep the dog out. (I'm not kidding!) And we are looking at least 5 weeks of this. Misery!

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Nance said...

Sigh. I knew it would come to this. Better hope the newbies are both females, too. Keep them inside, then get 'em all fixed quick. Or hurry and give the babies away while they're still cute and tiny. And, no...not interested. See MY earlier posts on that subject, too. Hee hee.