Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Toothy Problems

Ethan has had two very loose teeth for way too long now. I am a pretty nerves-of-steel chick about most things, but I am a full blown sissy about loose teeth! I can't stand kids messing with their teeth. I hate it when they want to show you some gross trick they can do involving a loose tooth and their tongue. It creeps me out beyond belief! It probably all started when Callie had to have three baby teeth pulled by an oral surgeon when she was 5. (She was growing two rows of shark teeth- yucky!) Watching that, with all the blood and the disturbing length of those pulled teeth really put me on bad ground. Knowing this about myself, I probably have the worst job possible, beside being working in a dentist office. I've got kids constantly showing me their teeth. Everyday and in every grade, there is some gappy faced kid trying to show me something I don't want to see! I know that they're proud and they think it's cool, but I really have a hard time with it.

Anyway, back to the homefront. Callie has lost almost all of her baby teeth. She's been on tooth losing binge lately. She only has four left and two are loose. Boys hold on to their teeth longer than girls, I've recently been told by the dentist. Boys teeth are on a schedule two years behind girls. Isn't that an interesting piece of trivia! So Ethan still has 10 teeth left to lose. Yesterday, if I wrote this blog, I would have wrote that he had 12, but he's had a big time of it. He lost one last night in the middle of the night. It woke him up, so he didn't swallow it. Hurray! And at breakfast while he's telling us the story about the tooth that woke him up, the other loose one fell out. Double Hurray! Two teeth in 6 hours! Hold on to your wings, Tooth Fairy! It's going to be a busy night!

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