Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway Finale

So it's the end of Project Runway and Jeffrey is the big winner. During the commercial, right before they announced it, to myself I said, I really think Uli is the winner, but they'll pick Jeffrey just because they dig him so much. And even though I was right, I was still surprised. I really liked Uli's designs and that bikini she made was the complete bomb! Jeffrey's stuff was very-- well..him. Cool looking, but not really practical. Clothes you would wear nowhere. And two of his dresses were complete dogs, just awful. How do you win with two ugly pieces in the mix? Still, this little green stripey thing was his grand finale and I LOVE it.

As for other TV news, I promised a "Heroes" report to a certain frequent patron to the cafe. The word is, if you haven't liked the show up to now, you didn't miss anything this week. There. I've just given you the gift of an hour to do something else. Use it wisely.


Nance said...

Did you see gorgeous sweet Daniel V. in the audience on PjR? Sigh. I'm still mad that he didn't win LAST year! And you and I are completely in synch regarding this year: I also knew Jeffrey the Creep would win, despite the fact that his collection got no response from the audience at all. At least Michael's "hoochie mama from frederick's of hollywood" didn't win. How could he have gone so very, very wrong? Alas! Another totally wrong pick from the producers and judges of PjR. And, as far as Heroes...are you still going to stick with it?

J. said...

Seems like we're sticking with it. The man is digging it, so we'll probably see it through to the end.

You knew Laura couldn't win and Uli's was great (loved that bikini!), but it was limited. But Michael's! Saying that it was in questionable taste is being nice. What was with those giant belts?!?