Monday, October 23, 2006

Tenacious D

Everyone has something that they are just a teeny- tiny bit embarrassed that they like so very, very much. My and I have several, but this is one of the biggest. TENACIOUS D! Jack Black and Kyle Gass are Tenacious D and they completely rock. Their CD is the one that's always in the car, but that the kids can never listen to...well, except for Wonderboy, which they have heard, only because while it isn't exactly clean, it's their only song that doesn't have one F-bomb after another.

Tenacious D once had a show on HBO, which was hilarious. Then there was the album and then Jack Black went and got famous. Bummer. I thought D was gone forever.

But now... a miracle! November 17th is the when their movie opens in theatres and November 14th the songtrack is being released. But even more amazing, these guys are going on tour! This is me with my fingers crossed that there's a trip to Chicago in my future! Long Live the D!


Anonymous said...

Chi-town is very close to us!! You could totally visit us on the same trip!!!

Kevin Smith is our "the kids can't listen/see." Brewer tried when Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back came out on dvd but within minutes came "f, f, mother, mother f, f" The funniest part was watching him try to run the mute button to cover it up. Hysterical!

J. said...

Chicago here we come!