Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Head for Politics

The Democrats take both house, bringing Sherrod Brown along and we couldn't be happier around here! As a way to celebrate, Ethan has shaved half his head! Okay, it has nothing to do with the elections. Tomorrow is crazy hair day at school, so this time went extreme. We were planning on a haircut someday soon anyway, so we just did the first half tonight. He should be a sensational tomorrow. Here's to a new BLUE, SMOKE-FREE Ohio!


Anonymous said...

HA! what a way to celebrate ;)

Smoke-free, huh? I was wondering if that passed.

I'm sad cause Wisconsin passed the marriage amendment totally based on the old "keep the gays from ruining marriage by getting married" idea. Hello, people! Marriage was already between one man and one woman in Wisconsin. How long before all the hetero's who live together realize that they just got screwed?

Oh well. Hope the crazy hair day goes well!

Lumi said...

Ha HA!!


The Boy and I were also very pleased about the election results.

Great hair. I think he should keep it like that!!

Heather said...

Love the hair! I bet E could do a killer mohawk with that mop.