Monday, November 13, 2006


Friday night was the Girl Scout luau. Five of my lovelies went, but I'm pretty certain this will be our last time going to this event. While they look like they're having a great time here, for the most part they were bored. Seems they are getting too old to hang out at a dance with a bunch of Brownies. Maybe in a few years they could be the organizers of the dance. That would be cool. That's Callie's tree from her bedroom that we took along to the dance. It looks a lot bigger in her room!

Ethan was camping again this weekend with his troop and it rained the whole damn time. They were stuck in the cabin when they weren't hiking in the drizzle. And let me tell you about these Boy Scout cabins -- They are the tiniest, stinkiest, yuckiest huts! I know that I am spoiled by Girl Scout camp! I know! But these cabins are right on the verge of gross! We went out to have dinner with him Saturday night out at camp. I have no idea how they stand staying out there. This cabin was so tiny, we were all on top of each other. And it could have been worse! They got this "bigger" cabin because of a cancellation. They were supposed to be in smaller one, like the size of closet! Not my idea of fun, but I guess it's theirs.

I'm a complete NaBloPoMo failure, but I will try to pick up the pace from here on out. No guarantees though!

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Anonymous said...

You're not a failure! I'm just so excited that in the 6 years since we moved from ohio I finally get some updates on you all! I don't feel so far away anymore!