Sunday, November 26, 2006

Road Trip Recap

Our quick, quick trip to Chickee-G was a big success! Only one spot of dead-stop traffic on the way in, but we still made it to the Uncle's in five and half. It was spooky, foggy the first half of the trip, but made for something cool to look at for a change while traveling through Indiana.

Abandoned the kids at the Uncle's and took off back to the city. The concert was at the UIC Pavilion. We got to the city WAY early, so on the advice of a cop, we headed around the block for a bite to eat at the most crowded little smoky restaurant ever built. We were told it was a 30 minute wait for the table, but 45 minutes later we're still waiting and much closer to death, not only from hunger, but smoke inhalation, than when we walked in. And it appeared that not only was no one being seated, but those already in seats, weren't getting food. We bailed. Back at the pavilion the doors were open and we got the best chicken tenders ever. (And I'm not just saying that because it was the first real food I had in twelve hours!)

The concert opened with a "comedian", Neil Hamburger. I know I'm not the hippest chick in the world, but I truly didn't understand what this guy was going for. He's trying to be the "World's Worst Comic" and I think he's there. I'm not even sure how to describe it. His jokes weren't funny at all, his delivery was worse, in between he cleared his throat in disgusting ways. The only thing funny was the audience reaction to him: Booing, screaming at him, even throwing food! But finally he was gone and then it was TENACIOUS D! And they were fantastic! It started out with just the two of them, but then, after they died and went to Hell, they played with a complete band that rocked out! Defiantly worth the drive!

The next morning, after we left the Uncle's (Thanks for letting us crash!), we cruised through the city to show the kids some sights. Still too foggy to do the Sears Tower, we ended up at Millennium Park which was so beautiful. Here's what we look like in the Cloud Gate.

We then walked down to the Christmaskindlemarket where I bought a little snowman ornament from a guy with a German accent. Can't get more authentic than that! The crowds were intense! At times you couldn't even move! But the giant Christmas tree was excellent.

Finally we were all walked out and drove straight home, non-stop.


Anonymous said...

so glad you had a great trip! traveling to chicago can be so hit and miss on the traffic front. glad you got to miss the worst of it. Gotta love that big silver jelly bean.

The Uncle said...

Was happy to have all of you here. Our home is always open to you. Glad you trip to the city was a good one. Thanks to the boy and girl for thier help on the village tables, even if it did cost me tickets to "Happy Feet", milk shakes, and the expense of the light show. Had to put "the Choir" up with out them though, despite the Aunts objections, she thinks they are scary.