Monday, November 27, 2006

Pick of Destiny

Yesterday, to put a cap on our Tenacious D weekend, we went to see the movie. During the concert, they begged for everyone to go see the movie (or see it again) and take ten other people along with you. (There might have been ten people in the theatre all together when we went to see it.) Seems it's not doing too hot. I've just been perusing the reviews and none of them are stellar. There in lies the problem:

We loved it! We sang along with the songs! Shouted at the screen! We were complete geeks for it!

On our way out, floating along in our Tenacious D bliss, we pondered if the movie would be enjoyed by anyone who wasn't a complete freak for the band. Would they think it was funny or would they think it was the stupidest thing ever made? Reading the reviews, I'm guessing it's the latter. I'm afraid they have made a niche movie, a cult film. The funny thing is that both E and I had the same thought: Wouldn't that be great to see as a Midnight Movie with a bunch of people who loved it as much as we did, a la "Rocky Horror"? That would be the BOMB! But, I won't hold my breath. More likely, the man and I will host annual viewings here at the house -- The Annual Tenacious D Blow Out! Anyone who remember the "Wrath of Khan" party knows we know how to watch a movie!


Anonymous said...

Will the viewing be Thanksgiving weekend? That might get us to actually come home for the holiday :)

J. said...

That's a possibility! It's as good weekend as any!