Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Three Day of Christmas

That's how much Christmas we have around here, three days. Christmas Eve at Grandma's which is always a big time. It was really crowded this year down in here basement. Lots of food and good talk. Most of the people who come to Grandma's only see each other once a year. Old picture usually come out and everyone tries to put names to faces. There was the annual BINGO game and a poker game. The slot machine gave up 3 jackpots during the night. The days of talking over the super loud pinball machine are over, but I really miss it. It sits in the corner being used as a shelf these days.

Christmas day is at my house and we had a great one this year. I finally caved in and we got the kids (and ourselves!) a Playstation. They were completely shocked. Never saw it coming.

I would post some pictures here, but Blogger is being a Grinch right now. I'll try again later.

Anyway, we did it up big with the Playstation. Dance Dance Revolution, Star Wars Lego and Guitar Hero, which might be the coolest game ever. Love Guitar Hero! Grammy and Poppa got us these excellent gaming chairs that you can plug into the game for the sounds in stereo up by your ears. Very cool!

Dinner was excellent, if I do say so myself, but I can't take credit for the awesome ham that Grammy Anderson brought. Wonderful! We've got enough food here to feed an army still! I froze tons of cookies this morning, enough to last us through spring!!!

Today it was back to my Grandma's for the third day of tons of food and more presents. I don't think I can look at any more ham or sweets, but the season has been a festive one! I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday. Time to go play Dance Dance....

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