Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Parties!

It's the last day of school today! Hurray! I'm going up there in a little bit to run Ethan's class party. This is the first year I've ever been the "Room Mother", if it's even called that anymore, probably not. In the past, I've just sent stuff in and hung out at the party. This year I'm the party planner and tell other people what to bring. It's a pretty sweet job. The Halloween party went fairly well, so we'll see how this goes. We're attempting a craft. Might be pushing my luck with sixth graders!

Tomorrow is the Girl Scout troop party. Then Sunday is the big yearly wing ding at Grandma's. I WON'T be forgetting my camera for that bash! Something crazy always happens!

We're all set for the big day around here except that house looks like a parade of monkeys went crashing through. Oh, well. This too can be dealt with. We've baked a ton of cookies, done a bunch of shopping and even more wrapping. Bring it on!

The cats are all still here. Their blog got 32 hits in one week after I put the ad in the paper. That's more people than visit this blog! But no nibbles. I'll put another ad in after the first of the year and try again.

If you want to check out something fun, there's a wonderful concert being hosted over at Citizen of the Month. The link is right over there-------------------------------------------------->


Nance said...

Wish I could have witnessed the Parade of Monkeys. Can you make it an annual event? Post pix on the EEC, perhaps? Were they seasonally dressed? Damn, it sounds fun.

P.S. I'm really steamed that Neil has moved me down on your blogroll.... Like he needs more publicity.

J. said...

Second from the bottom for you, just like where you put me! But I agree, that guy is not hurting for readers!

The Uncle said...

Merry Christmas from the Windy City
I hope Santa was good to you. In case you haven't heard, my Stephanie got an engagement ring for Christmas. Tell the boy and girl that we miss them and send our love.
the Uncle and Aunt