Saturday, December 16, 2006

An Uncanny Disappearance

Our garbage can is gone.

We are not the most diligent of families about getting the can back up to the house after pick-up, so one might say that we have been asking for this for years. It's true that some weeks, we have taken the trash out to the can still on the curb a week later. Plenty of times it's only been brought up to the house because it was out in the middle of road and we couldn't get out of the driveway. But still, this is a blow.

Our first ever garbage can was a shiny metal one we found in the garage of our first apartment. It was just the cutest thing! When we moved, we brought it with us, which I suppose means we stole it from our landlord, but he was a creep, so we didn't care. We didn't live here very long before it disappeared, definitely stolen. What goes around comes around, eh? After that we had a hodge podge of clunkers, posing to be trash cans, but all of them one step from being garbage themselves.

One day we broke down and bought a real can of our very own. It had a lid and wheels and it was BIG! We got all the trash in there! But as the years crept on, the can started to show it's age. A wheel was loose, the bottom was falling out. For the past few months it crossed my mind that pretty soon we would have to go out and (Gasp!) buy a new one.

So here we are today and it's gone. It was there this morning according to Ethan, but when I came home at 3 PM, it was MIA. The lid is out there, but the can is gone. Did it blow away? Unlikely. It wasn't particularly windy today. Did someone take it? Why would they? And if some strange being did take our beaten up can, why didn't they take the lid as well? It's a true mystery.

What's not a mystery is that we only had one can and now we have none. We are at the mercy of mutant huge raccoons and possums and insane feral cats. Does Santa bring garbage cans? I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Have you seen me?

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