Monday, January 29, 2007

The Fix 'Em Up Shop

Hi there folks! Welcome to Big Daddy 's Fix 'Em Up Shop. I'm Big Daddy and this is some of my crew. I'm going to take you around my fine establishment here and show you the sights. You'll see more of these guys later on. Well... look who's here!

Hey there, Bob! This is Bob, my tow truck driver. Looks like one of our boys in blue is having some engine trouble. Go ahead and take it around back! Okay, let's go on inside now.
Howdy Folks! Hope you all haven't been waiting long! But it can't be all that bad when you are in a waiting room like this, complete with all the comforts of home...

We got ice cold sodas, five channels of television, and a little snack machine if you've got a sweet tooth. Julie can make change if you need it. Speaking of Julie...

Here she is! Julie is the heart and soul of this operation. She our cashier and the office manager. That means she does all my work for me! HA HA! Just kidding!
Here's Julie hard at work at her desk. Is that a Chai Latte? Sure smells good. Why don't you make me one?
This is my desk. From here I can oversee the whole place. On my desk here is my computer and this lovely photo of my dog. But enough of this, let's go around back so you can see where the magic happens!

Here at the Fix 'Em Up Shop, we take care of all sizes of vehicles- from the tiny ones to big monsters like this. Under there is Larry. How's it going Larry? What? Oh, that's Harry. Well, keep up the good work, boy!

This must be Larry then. Working on these little cars takes a lot of special training and equipment. That's some toolbelt, Larry!

But this here is my favorite employee, Car Bot. I love this guy! He's never late to work. He never asks for a raise. He never steals tools! I wish I had three of him!Honestly, I don't know what half the stuff in here does, but as long as cars are getting fixed, then it's all good!

We take good care of our customers here at the Fix 'Em Up Shop. Did you know that everytime you get a repair here you get a complimentary....


Wash!Here's loyal customer Jane. She was in today for an oil change. Let's follow her through my state-of-the-art car wash. First, you put in the token and wait for the light to turn green.

All these gizmos blast your vehicle with water, soap and wax.

Finally, after you're all clean, your car is blown dry and heated.

Here's Jane and her car is looking good. Jane's looking pretty clean herself!

Here's an ariel shot of my car wash. Enjoy it. It cost me a fortune to get this shot.

The shop, too. That pilot was a thief!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my shop. It's my pride and joy! Come back anytime!

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Weaver said...

That is awesome! Fantastic job!

Do you guys watch My Name Is Earl? Big Rex reminds me of Chubby who owns just about everything on there. HA!