Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nothing About Cats

I didn't get called into work today. I didn't get called into work today! Now there's plenty of days that I don't go into work, but it's my choice. Today, for the first time in months, they didn't call me. I'm feeling rejected here. A little bummed out. Here I am with nothing to do, except a bunch of stuff I don't want to do. So to delay all that, I will catch up with all of you.

First, this: One of the rarest things in the world. A halfway decent picture of me. Sure it's a little blurry and the color is funny, but if that's what it takes, so be it. This is me and the girl at the champagne brunch reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anderson. My good friend Mindi went out and got her own Eric, so now we have a matching set. Okay, they don't match at all, except in name. But how strange was it to get that invitation in the mail? Just a tad bit unsettling, but we're all adjusting.

A few of you out there know my weakness for champagne and let's just say that they weren't stingy with making sure your glass was full. By 1 PM we were back home and I took a little nap.

The man: It's called passing out.


Friday night, the munchkins and I went to see "South Pacific" performed by the Elyria Catholic drama department. I don't want to talk about it much except for these points--

  1. South Pacific has way too much talking and way too many slow songs to ever attempted by high school students. There should probably be a law in place against it.

  2. The "auditorium" at EC is the ugliest room on Earth. And I am just saying that because I'm a EHS snob.

  3. Sitting on hard, benches for a long, dull musical is very hard on your back, even when you resort to sitting between the benches and have your legs up on the bench in front of you, thus making you look and feel ridiculous.

  4. The live band was very nice.


The kids and I just finished "The Last Battle" which is the last book in the Narnia series. If you've never read all of them (or any of them), I very highly recommend them. I know some people shy away from books in a series, too much of a commitment, but that's what makes these books great. You don't have to have a stellar memory to enjoy them. Each book is a story entirely on it's own, completely understandable without having knowledge or history from the stories previous to it. "The Last Battle" should be read last, but other than that, it's a free for all. I would really like to go into "The Last Battle" and discuss my theories about Susan with someone. I've read lots of online articles about her, but I would really like to have a discussion with someone else who has read them. If you've read them (or if you could please hurry up and read them), I would appreciate hearing from you! If I don't hear from somebody, I'll just have to spit out all my ideas on this blog and ruin it for everyone else. That's not a warning, it's a threat.


Nance said...

That is such bullshit. It is NOT called passing out if it's from champagne. Everyone knows that. I mean, it's champagne, and you're a lady.

And he calls himself a poet/writer.
Duh. Who was his teacher, anyway?

me said...

Ok so now I'm going to have to go and read "The Last Battle" all over again just so I can talk to you about Susan and actually know what I'm talking about. Oh and I think the auditorium at EC is great! We use to party back stage, in the costume/makeup storage rooms upstairs, under the stage... Oh wait did I just say that out loud??? Forget I said that. I was a perfect angel at the school, really!!!
Later gater

Weaver said...

Hey! Happy Birthday to the young ones!!!! Please note that I made no jello egg shots to commemorate the day :) I just might have to make jello eggs tomorrow though