Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cat Wrap-up

So you want even more news about these cats, do you? Okay, but this is it for awhile because there's only so much of this that a person can take.

Yes, they are our cats now. We did all the right things to get rid of them. Ads in the paper, ads on, calls into shelters to be put on waiting lists, their own website: I really, really tried. And then something awful happened. It worked.

Someone called who wanted Jack. They saw his exceedingly cute pic online and then wanted to come meet him. I froze. I panicked. Jack? My little Jack-Jack? Some weirdo calls my house and wants my little sweet kitten boy? The decision was quick.

"He's already been taken." I wasn't a lie.

After that more calls came. Somebody else wanted Jack, two people wanted Meg, the APL called and had space finally. Nope, nope, nope. Couldn't do it.

So here we are with a house full of cats. The kittens are seven months old this week. And how is Marco fairing through all of this? The kittens figured him out pretty fast-- If you don't run, he won't chase. And he doesn't. He comes over and gives them a big sniff and a sloppy, wet kiss on the head now and then. (His tongue is as big as their faces!) They bat at him when he walks by, but he doesn't notice. Jack is very fond of sitting on a kitchen chair and striking out at the dog. Marco just keeps on going, never missing a beat. There's one big bowl of water in the kitchen and often you'll finding a kitten or two taking a drink beside Marco. Unbelievably cute. They don't snuggle together; not yet, but I can see the day coming when big group naps in the sun will be the norm.

Mama is another story. First, something happened to her last week which has completely changed her personality. The only way I can describe it is that they didn't just remove her female parts, they also removed her bitch gland. She is a new cat. (And yes, we discussed the possibility of a cat mix-up at wild and crazy Spay/Neuter factory).

Last summer, she was the sweetest little cat ever. She made us love her by being so friendly and cuddly. But she hated Marco and Marco hated her. Then, she had the kittens and we brought her in. Immediately she changed into this sulky hateful thing that was completely miserable. "It's just the kittens." We told ourselves. "She's being protective. She's tired." Once the kittens were on their own and so was she, we thought she would come back to us. But she stayed grumpy and snarly to everyone. She would glare at you with eyes that said, "If I was bigger, I would rip your throat out!" If you reached out to pet her, she would shy away like your hands were made of acid. She hid most of the day, only coming out when nature called or to kick the kittens around, chase off Marco or be ugly to us. Fun pet, eh?

But now, after the surgery, she's back to acting like that cat I found in the basement. She chirps and meows all day long; matter of fact, she never shuts up. She comes downstairs and sits with us. She cuddles with kittens and sleeps all wrapped up with them. It's an amazing change.

But she is the same cat, because she still treats Marco the same. The only difference now is that she has to deal with him much more often, now that she's not hiding. She's on the couch, in the kitchen, around the corner hissing, spitting and striking out whenever he lumbers by. But don't feel too bad for him. He KNOWS that she's going to do it and just keeps coming at her, sticking his big mug in her little face over and over again. He'll learn. Eventually. He has to, right?

So that's the story of how a tried and true dog family, became a dog/cats family. We were hoodwinked, sucker-punched and bamboozled. But as this little cat cuddles in my lap right now, I guess it hasn't been that bad.


Nance said...

You blew it! You had your chance and you blew it, bigtime! J, you could have been my HERO! Here I sit, positively bristling with hair at The Dept., and you had the chance to rid yourself of felines forever and you PASSED!?!?! Sigh. Now you're just another sucker like me. Oh well. Welcome to the club.

Brewer said...

People ought to call me "The Great Brewnac" clairvoyant to the blogosphere!!! See comments on 13 September 2006!!

J. said...

Nance- Thanks for the welcome. My membership card already came. It's in the shape of a sucker.

Great Brewnac- No one likes a "Told you so"!