Thursday, March 15, 2007

What do you do on a day off?

You run around and take pictures of the cats. Yesterday the feline trio had a tough day. It was "Gettin' Fixed" Day. We took them out to the Spay Neuter Clinic in Cleveland out by the zoo. They had to be there at 7 AM and we could not believe the crowd that was already there. Later we found out that they were having a slow day! We picked them up at 3 and they were a sorry sight to see. Back at home, they couldn't walk in a straight line. They just stumbled about looking at you with their stoned eyes. Pathetic. But today at least the kittens are back to normal. Mama's still not up and about much, but even when she's feeling good, she's not terrible active.

Here's Jack and his new favorite toy- the catnip mouse on a stick.
Extreme close-up of Meg. Yesterday her eyes were so dilated! She would look at you with one eye, then the other, then just give up.
Jack in one of his favorite spots, right between the fish tank and the window. The cactus is there to keep him from going any farther. It doesn't work.
Meg sitting in the window. She barks at birds while she sits here.
The girl took shot after shot of Mama, but she is not photogenic, nor cooperative. This is as good as it gets. Mostly she hides all day.

We had the day off today because a tornado touched down near the mall last night and knocked out the power the school administration building. We didn't know until we showed up at school this morning and no one was there. Strange way to start the day, but we've made the most of it.

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Nance said...

Well, looks like you do have cats as pets after all. How is the resident dog handling the inevitable? Jack looks a lot like TravisCat. I can only hope he's not a hollerer like Travis is; I've not found anything to cure it.