Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As the Phone Rings...

Some of you might remember Larry, the guy who doesn't live at my house. You can refamiliarize yourself with him here. We haven't heard much about Larry lately, not the entire winter. But all that changed this week. Here's the call I received on Sunday:

Sweet Little Me: Hello?

Guy With Wrong Number: Hey ya! Joe Shmoe gave me your name about brick laying.

Tiny Girly Voice Me: My number?

Guy Suddenly Sounding Unsure: Uh, yeah... maybe I have the wrong number...

Me, with the upper hand: Maybe you do. What number are you trying to reach?

Frantic shuffling sounds of Man going through everything around him: Ah.... Hmmm... Oh! Here's it is. (rattles off my phone number)

Me taking change of the situation: Yep, that's me. But look, you want the 216 area code for that number.

Man totally flustered by this turn of events: Really? Oh, thanks so much. Sorry about this! Thanks for your help. Sorry about the call. Okay. Bye. Thanks again. Good-bye!

Now I think this guy was completely adorable by how upset he got over having a wrong number. Is this how he stumbles through life, done in by life's every tiny misstep? Does he painfully count out how many items he has before he attempts the Express Line for fear of a cashier reprimanding him? Is he the guy who takes an agonisingly long time to make a left turn, because he would never dream of cutting someone off, only to charge recklessly into traffic because someone behind him finally honked? What are his nightmare like? Accidentally walking into the ladies room? Poor fella!

And then yesterday...

With a song in my heart Me: Hello?

Man (And was that the sound of a hand slapping a forehead?): This is the number I called before!!!

Me, so happy that Mr. Anxiety has called back: Yes it is! You want 216, remember?

Mr. Anxiety, really winding it up: There's no area code on this business card!

With a tsk-tsk tone to my voice: Well, there should be.

Poor, poor Man, almost to a yell, but not quite: There SHOULD be!

I'm considering calling Larry. I know his number after all. He should be more considerate to his customers. People can be fragile!


Weaver said...

You should call Larry and tell him thanks for sending all the business your way ;)

Nance said...

I agree with Weaver; a call to Larry is definitely in order. Ask him why no area code on the business card. Ask him if he plans on paying you for forwarding his calls. Ask him if he is aware how much business you're sending his way.

Brewer said...

I would tell ALL callers that Larry is dead, you are the greaving daughter and the business is being dissolved. It all could have been averted had Larry used his brain and listed his AREA code! Its 2007 not 1983, there are like 20 gazillion area codes wake up LARRY!