Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting Zoo-y

Spring Break just keeps chugging along around here. Yesterday we all packed up and headed out to the zoo. I guess it's been awhile since we went because the whole damn bird house is gone! Gone like it was never there and replaced by this strange Eiffel Tower made of rope looking thing that the kids get to climb on and two concession stands. That bird house was a pretty big building and cool to boot. The reasoning behind this evades me.

Also, there's that huge bridge that spans over the bear part of the zoo. Spooky, scary bridge but interesting nevertheless and a good landmark for where you are. Right now there's big chunks missing from it and this old guy told us they are going to blow up the rest of it later this month. The zoo without the giant bridge? What is going on?

Oh yeah, there were animals there. Lots of animals. Being cold they were out doing all kinds of fun, moving around things. The highlights were the big noise that the hippo made, seeing a baby orangutan whose birthday it was and learning that giraffes walk right-right-left-left and not right-left-right-left like most every other four legged creature in the world. There, you learned something today! Bummers were that the baby koala wasn't out, the butterfly exhibit is over and while it didn't rain in the rain forest house, it did drizzle on us most of the time we were out there.

Right now the kids have rearranged most of the furniture in the living room and draped the whole thing in sheets and blankets. But they're happy, so what do I care.


Nance said...

Do we or do we not have elephants anymore?

J. said...

Yes there are African elephants, three of them, I think, all female because our zoo doesn't have enough room for a male-- they need a lot of territory I guess.

Weaver said...

sounds like a good day, all in all. We had to put an elephant down at our zoo this past fall. That bridge did always seem spooky to me, but I can't imagine it not there. We once got to see (and hear) a hippo blowing bubbles/raspberries in the water. It was the funniest thing ever!