Friday, April 27, 2007

My Book Review

When you're in second grade you watch Reading Rainbow at least once a week. I get a big kick out of watching Geordi La Forge (without his banana clip eye bling) riding horses or touring some factory where they make crayons. The show always ends with overly cute kids giving a review of a book they read and loved and you will too. Their little reviews follow a strict format: Title and Author, a few facts and highlights, personal opinion and the recommendation. Being inspired by their enthusiasm to share a good book, I too will offer you this, my own Reading Rainbow book choice:

I think you should read "Talk to the Hand" by Lynn Truss. Lynn Truss's voice in this book is crystal clear, very British and hysterical. This is a book for grown-ups, because while it doesn't get terribly profane, it does have the "Eff" word, a lot. The book discusses what is rude, who is rude, why they are rude and how you yourself could be a little more polite. Unfortunately, she points out some things that I never considered rude before, but now that you mention it... well, let's just say I'm looking at my phone in a whole new light. My favorite part of the book is the her step-by-step emotional roller coaster you go through when someone doesn't say "Thank You" when you hold a door open for them. Very enlightening. "Talk to the Hand" is not a long book and can easily be read in a few days, even all in one day if you really get into and have the time free. You should read "Talk to the Hand". You'll love it! (Insert big cheesy smile)

Okay, maybe I won't make it through an audition for the show. I'm probably too tall anyway. But I do mean every word of it. I'm most of the way through another book of hers, "Eats Shoots and Leaves", which I'm big time enjoying. Maybe if you're lucky, another enlightening and persuasive review will be coming your way!


me said...

I read "Eats Shoots and Leaves" to the kids a while ago and they loved it. Granted it was the kid version of the book, but it was great!!

J. said...

A munchkin version of Eats Shoots and Leaves? I had no idea. How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

I also read "Eats Shoots and Leaves". I will definitely read "Talk to the Hand".
The 3 #'s Grandmother (Punctuation?)