Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Phantom Returns

It's okay everyone, breathe. I am still here. Alive and surviving my stint as a second grade teacher. Another six days to go and so far all is well. They are a yakky group of kids and they sing the opera so very well, but it could be much worse!

Working everyday piled on top of camping the whole weekend really has turned this place upside-down. There is actually NO FOOD in the refrigerator. It's all condiments. Sunday is my shopping day and this week I was kicking it out at Singing River with the chicks, so no shopping got done. I've just been throwing stuff together all week trying to keep us all from starving to death. But camping was a glorious weekend if you only look at food, weather, campfires and hiking. And let's JUST look at that shall we? No need to dwell in any dark places.

While at camp I make a God's Eye that was (No kidding) about three foot in diameter. I took a picture of it with my phone, so if you want to see it, you'll have to catch me with the phone because I have zero idea how to get it out of there. I suppose that kind of information is probably in the little book; I even know where it is. Okay, maybe I'll do that. But not anytime soon.

The boy goes camping this weekend with his troop. Their weather won't be as beatific as ours last weekend, but it seems to be their lot in life to camp in rain, snow and mud. Must be a Boy Scout thing.

Our Mama Cat has turned into a walking, furry sausage. Not a pleasant image I know. Eating just calorie rich Kitten Chow has turned our sleek, half-starved stray into a lady of plump loveliness. On the advice of Nance though, we are putting her on grown-up cat food and try to get her back into just sleek and athletic looking. I'll post some "now and then" pix soon so you can see how she's changed in the past year!


Nance said...

Please tell me that there's NO POSSIBILITY that she's preggers.

That Jack looked like a troublemaker, and I understand there was interest...before.

J. said...

Nah, we had all that plumbing removed. It's simply the diet change from chipmunk and baby bird to Kitten Chow all day long. She's what any of us would turn into on a "Totally Doughnuts" diet.

And yeah, Jack was very interested. No more plumbing for him either!