Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fields Trips Cold, Field Trips Hot

Fields trips fun, fields trips not! In the past week, these 6th graders of mine have had not one but two field trips. No two trips have ever been more different than these.

First, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was a cold, drizzly day in Canton. We arrived fashionably late after an almost 2 hour bus ride. The parking lot was chuck full of buses and kids from schools all over the state. There wasn't one happy face in the crowd.

First stop, athletic drill on the football field. Did I mention it was cold and drizzly. Oh yeah. Big fun. These huge smiles are only because this crew is a big ham for a camera.

Next stop, time for exploring the museum. This group was my responsibility. I guess you could say that we walked the whole place twice over without stopping much. I guess you could say that football's not our thing. I guess you could say we were bored out of our minds.

Here we found the boy in the gift shop. I picked up a really cute Christmas ornament of Santa at the Hall of Fame. How could I not buy it?

After that, we ate lunch ON THE BUS and then drove home. It was the worst field trip of all time. There's nothing more to say.

This week the field trip was Swings 'n Things. And just stop right there Brewer -- Everyone already knows your opinion of that place! This was a great field trip. The first half was fun disguised as educational lessons. The second part of the day was just running around with the place to ourselves. Sunny, warm and unlimited rides on everything. This trip more than made up for the one to you know where.

This guy and his company invented modern batting cages with net tents and ball returns. The one at SNT was the prototype when they first started. Who knew!

That's me in the bumper boats. They soaked me big time before it was over. Tomorrow is the lip sync contest. Stayed tuned for a big post about that!


Nance said...

a field trip for EVERYONE to the football hall of fame??? oh how horrid. ick.

i'd have called in sick.

(hey, that was a poem.)

Anonymous said...

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