Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Fling!

The annual Spring Fling carnival was last Friday at school. Games and prizes, food and running around like fools. You know, the usual. This year was a very special to the boy and girl because when you are a sixth grader, the tradition is to get a whipped cream pie in the face from a younger student. They all look forward to this. It's one of the highlights of being a sixth grader. Weird, I know. Anyway, here's the boy getting his face-full.
And the girl getting hers. They said that the whipped cream was disgusting smelling and made them all sick. Tell the truth, none of them looked too great after all of this: A bunch of sixth graders walking around looking sticky with matted down hair.
Every that we've helped out with this, the man and I work the bracelet engraving table. The man makes the COOLEST bracelets. On mine you get a choice of your name in print or cursive with a heart, flower or star as decoration. By the end of the carnival, your hand is fairly numb from holding the engraver. Here's us hard at work for the last time. They'll have to find new engraving suckers for next year.
We had a "Flat Stanley" visiting us last week, so he came to the carnival, too. Here he is with one of the dogtags we were engraving. He got a bracelet with his name on it to take home.
Unfortunatly, for us, this last Spring Fling, probably was the worst ever thrown. First, they had it outside in the parking lot and sitting in the sun, engraving those little pieces of metal was really yucky. Also, being outside, the whole thing had an aura of tackiness, even for a cheesy school carnival. But the thing that really put a damper on it was that there was no music, no DJ. It was the quietest event you've ever been to. Every other year it's been a big, thumping dance party with games and crafts around the edges. Without music, it was downright bland. But let's not end this post on a down note. Here's more pie-in-the-face shots!


Weaver said...

I would wonder why anyone would actually WANT a pie in the face, but then somebody might start to wonder why I keep buying sock yarn even though I may never actually finish the two pairs of socks I already have on the needles. Let's just go with...

Hey! those pies look great!!! :)

Nance said...

I can't believe no one even brought out a big radio or tape player. Yikes. "The Silent Carnival"--sounds like a Ray Bradbury sci-fi thriller.

The Uncle said...

To the Brats, I sorry I wasn't there to be the one to smash the piers in your faces! What a joy that would have been. I would have made you wear the tins as hats. Oh well,.... maybe next time, one can only hope and dream. LOL