Saturday, June 30, 2007

Camp, dancing and dead things

A week of day camp is once more behind us. This was by far the BEST week of day camp ever. Yes, it was disgustingly hot on Monday and Tuesday and yes, the field trip was to the dump (not kidding!) but the fact remains. Why? Because this year, myself and my partner in crime were the business managers instead of unit leaders. This meant we got to run around and spend money that didn't belong to us and buy outrageous amounts of stuff. We're talking over-flowing, multiple carts. We could up and leave camp during the day (go out to lunch!) instead of broil in the sun while whiny girls sing the same song for the fiftieth time. Sure we had to oversee the making of the tie-dye shirts and I'm still a little green around the nails, but that's nothing compared to boo-boos, tattle-tales and constant bathroom trips. It was heaven!

I truly thought that posts about play practice would be a daily thing, but so far I haven't felt like it. Mostly because we don't get home until after 10 and I'm dead exhausted. Let's see... how to sum it all up... The average age of the actors in this show must be around 19, so I'm usually swinging between feeling young and being a part of them or feeling like I'm way too old for this shit. I'm holding my own with the singing, but it's the dancing that's kicking my ass. I'm come home some nights feeling like I'll never walk right again. By Thursday, my feet are just plain crippled! And it's so hot in the auditorium! You just stand there and sweat and then have to go stand way too close to other people who are just as sweaty. It's a charming society! All that said though, I am having the time of my life. This has been a terrific way to spend the summer. And the kids are loving it too. They have a much less physical job to do than I, but their part is much cuter than mine. This show is going to rock and EVERYBODY BETTER COME! July 26th - July 29th. No excuses!

I have an agreement with the man around here: I clean up all the body fluids (barf, etc.) and he cleans up things that are dead. Yesterday, when I went to change a load of laundry, beside the dryer was a chipmunk who had seen better days. I only took the briefest of looks before I ran out, but he was basically drawn and quartered. And the man is not here. I scurried across the street where I found the kids and three friends and explained (probably screaming) about the problem. The five of them bucked each other up, grabbed shovels and took off. About five minutes later, they all came out of the house screaming, but the job was done. Their descriptions of the poor creature were way more than I could handle, (especially the parts about the maggots!) The deceased was bagged and taken out and the boy didn't barf, but came very close. They even cleaned up the floor. My heroes! As a reward I built a fire and they all got s'mores.

The boy leaves for Boy Scout camp in the morning for the week. One week from today the man will be home. How will the girl and I survive this week with just the two of us? Stay tuned!

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Nance said...

That's the division of labor around here, too. Yuck! Sounds like it may have been a little "gift" left over from one of the kitties.