Thursday, July 05, 2007

Suzette's Dinner Theater

Well, hello there again folks! You all remember me, Big Daddy. A whole lot of you were big fans and customers to my Fix 'Em Up Shop and I thank you. But don't you know the dangest thing happened? One day a big old twister, or something, came and ripped my shop up all to bits! I mean there wasn't two bricks attached to each other by the time it was done! Anyway, I'm not the kind of man to let something like that get me down. I was able to take all that debris and create my newest establishment. Here, let me give you a tour.

This here is Suzette, in the hat, and that's Stephanie, with the hair. Suzette is a chef and boy-oh- boy can she cook up a storm! When I met Suzette, she was looking for a restaurant to cook for. And I was looking for a business to start. Well, to make a long story short, we came up with this. But I didn't want just any old greasy spoon. I wanted something with pizazz! I remember that in all the great western movies, in the saloon, there was a stage with pretty dancing girls. So that's where Stephanie comes in. She runs the entertainment part of the operation. What we've got here is a high class dinner theater! I named it after her because she threw such a fit when I suggested "Big Daddy's Food and a Show". I still like that name better.

You remember this guy from the Fix 'Em Up Shop? Thank goodness he survived that disaster in one piece! We call him Dishwasher-Bot now! You never saw a guy wash dishes like he can! Keep up the good work, fella!

I love my dishwasher guy so much, I went totally modern on the rest of the help. Here's my droid wait staff. These guys are so much better than any human waiter! They never mix up orders, they're always polite and they don't need paid! Go ahead and be rude to them. They'll never spit in your food!

These big guys are my greeters, bussers and occasional bouncers. Some folks might think that they're a little scary looking, but when it comes to heavy lifting, you can't beat them! And they work for free, that's the best part! I like to have them here by the door. It keeps the riff-raff away.

Since this is a dinner theatre, everyone pretty much shows up at the same time. Here's the parking lot filling up.Nobody, and I mean nobody gets in without a reservation. These guys make sure of that.

This kitchen has all the most modern appliances. To set it all up, I gave Suzette carte blanche (that's French for spending my money like water). Looks pretty swell, doesn't it? It better! Stephanie lends a hand in the kitchen when she's not dealing with whatever crisis those actors come up with.

Suzette is a little sensitive about who comes in her kitchen. Whoa, girl! I'm leaving!

Because she's so sensitive, we've got this pick-up window for the droids. They are NEVER allowed in her kitchen!

This is what is called a Green Room, but as you can see, it's not green. Stephanie tells me that it doesn't matter what color it is, it's always called that. Whatever. This is where those good for nothing actors lay around and wait to go on stage. Suzette sends them back food, I just know it! It is just a crime what I have to pay these people to stomp around and act like idiots. Ack! But since the customers seem to like it, what do I know!

Here is tonight's performance. Looks like it some kind of murder mystery...again.... That guy isn't really dead, don't worry. I've seen this show about 20 times now! Heck, I could act out all the parts myself! I've got to talk to Steph about getting those dancing girls...

Here's my office. I'm up here where I can keep an eye out on the whole operation. Especially those good for nothing, free food grubbing actors. Maybe we could get some robot actors. Robot dancing girls? Hmmm...

Thank you all for coming to the show. Drive home safe!

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