Monday, June 04, 2007

Dance Recital '07

Put another year of dances classes in the books! This year's recital was a lovely affair, with "A Night at the Movies" as the theme. Saturday the girl had to perform in the afternoon show, which is short and showcases the older girls and then the evening show which is everybody and her cousin. Our girl was fantastic! Here's some pics!
Check out these Ely girls hanging out at dress rehearsal Friday night. It ended up being a VERY long night!

Dancing in the aisles waiting for their turn.
It's recital night! This is her jazz costume. Check out those plastic-y pants! They were too long, so I just cut them off with scissors. Time to go!
Home from recital with her flowers. This, of course, is her ballet costume. Very pretty! Congratulations sweetheart. We're all so proud of you!

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Nance said...

great pic of the two ballerinas!