Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last Day of Sixth Grade

This is the end. The last day of 6th grade. The last day of elementary school. The last day at Ely. The tradition is to have the whole school line up on the walk and clap the sixth graders out as they leave. Here's the beginning of the line.

And here's the girl going by. I missed the boy because instead of taking a picture, I turned off the camera! Way to miss a moment!

Here's the kids with Mrs. Russell...

And Mr. Hamker. They were the most fantastic teachers anyone could ask for!

The awards ceremony was this morning and the kids got a ton of stuff. The girl got recognized for being in the spelling bee, being on safety patrol, National Physical Fitness Award and being on the honor roll every quarter since 3rd grade. That's 16 quarters people and only eight 6th graders did it.

The boy got recognized for perfect attendance, safety patrol captain, spelling bee and also being on the honor roll 16 times in a row! I'm one proud Mama! They both got a very impressive calculator and they each gave me a flower up on stage.

Junior High, here we come!


Weaver said...

I am so impressed! Congrats to you both!!! I remember making jello shots for your baby shower. yikes! :)

Nance said...

Thank goodness you and E. are reproducing. At least there are two more decent, literate, humane people in the world.

Congrats and GOOD JOB!