Friday, August 10, 2007

And this little piggy stayed home....

The trip to the podiatrist today went much better. This girl has finally received quality medical attention. Dr. Feet (not his name, of course!) said that I don't have a true Jones Fracture, but some close cousin that's not as big a deal. Still it's a broken bone. I saw the x-rays today. No doubt on that. But it probably won't need surgery to put back to right.

Now I'm in a what is called a soft cast, surrounded by layers and layers of wrapping topped by a big heavy, ugly boot. But all of this has made me feel better; the consistent aching has subsided. I have to wear all this and not get it wet and never put it on the floor until Tuesday when I might-- JUST MIGHT get to start putting weight on it. That means walking without crutches! HURRAY! The bruises on the insides of my arms are just the start of what they'll probably look like by then. Not pretty.

I officially bowed out of being in the play. There's just no way I can do it. It wipes me out just going from the kitchen to the couch. My director was really understanding and cool about it. Maybe next time...

Thanks for all the notes of sympathy. Go ahead and send some words of encouragement to the man and the kids. They're really doing a great job around here taking of things, and me!

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me said...

Just catching up. Wow that really sucks. Life is doing a fun job here too, but atleast there are no crutches here. Lots of heat though. Sunny and hot in FL go figure.

Take care girl, and if you're still on crutches at the meeting let me know and I can help carry or setup or whatever.

Sorry you missed the overnight, maybe we can both go next year.