Thursday, August 09, 2007

I've stepped in it now!

Yesterday, after bowling MY BEST GAME EVER, we meandered over to the arcade. Over in the corner was Dance Dance Revolution so I headed that way to give it a go. As I stepped over the machine to put in the money, I either slipped off the top or tripped, either way I came down sideways on my foot. I didn't fall, but it hurt, so I sat down right away. I thought I had just twisted my ankle, but a few little points and flexes didn't seem to go so bad. Then I tried to stand up. Big mistake. And then the pain got much worse.

So, a little bout of shock where I almost fainted, almost threw up, couldn't hear anybody or focus. A little scene with the firemen who came to my rescue and carted me away. A very long scene in the emergency room where I received most likely the worst medical care possible in a civilized country and Voila! I have what is know as a Jones fracture or a fracture of the 5Th metatarsal of my foot. My first broken bone ever.

Today it was a short trip to my doctor who wouldn't even touch me. Seems I need to go to a specialist for this. Why didn't the hospital tell me that last night? Like I said, worst medical care ever! So tomorrow, I go and see the foot guy who is actually a doctor whom I know and like a bunch, so I'm hoping I'll finally get some medical attention for my boo-boo.

But let me touch on the scene in the emergency room. First off, you know it's going to go badly when you get in as fast as I did. Registered right away and taken into the MedExpress in probably less than 10 minutes. That kind of service has to be balanced out somehow and it was.

We were there for three hours. In that time I got an X-ray which probably took about 10 minutes. Dr. Seuss came to talk to me for about one minute the first time and maybe 5 minutes the second time. A very clueless looking nurse wrapped up my foot in gauze and elastic bandage (less than $10 at Drug Mart), put me in one of those blue shoes ($15) and gave me a short lesson in how to use crutches (How much are crutches at Drug Mart? $30). And oh yeah, I said Dr. Seuss, that was his name and he introduced himself thus. I got to spend the other two and half hours making up funny rhymes to go along with the freak show that moved around us. And Dr. Seuss was wearing Crocs. Matter of fact, most of the hospital staff were. It was so disturbing!

So I'm on crutches here people and I'm very unhappy. I missed a play rehearsal. I'm supposed to go on a leader-only overnight at Camp T tomorrow. The family reunion is on Sunday. We were going to go to Cedar Point on Monday. And I have play performances Wednesday through Sunday next week. All out. All shot to hell with one little slip. Any and all sympathy will be greatly appreciated.


Weaver said...

Oh, honey! I wish I lived closer so that I could bring you glasses of iced tea and whatever dessert type food you wanted or needed. I do hope the doctor visit goes well and the healing too!

Nance said...

I just ran into E. and he told me about your foot! Oh dear. I'll let him tell you what else I said and just say this: take care, get better soon, this all sucks mightily, and good heavens, milk this for all it's worth in the Pity and Service Department!!!