Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Walking on Sunshine

I'll get right to the point: I would like to see the return of the parasol as an accessory. And not just as a fashion piece, even though possiblitities abound, but also for its original use. Look at the word: Parasol. Para meaning partial and sol which is French for the sun. Parasol= Partial sun. Protection from the sun. In these days of slapping on SPF 50 in a non-stop manner to prevent skin cancer, doesn't the re-introduction of the parasol make sense?
Well, it does to me. I love to be outside, but I sneak around from shady spot to shady spot in an attempt to avoid the sun. I'm sporting a lovely half-healed sunburn right now from a trip to the beach last week. Granted, I deserve this sunburn, but I'm certain if I had any kind of tan one should have by August, it wouldn't have been so bad. But the fact of the matter is, I burn pretty easy. I've gotten sunburned at a particulary long flag ceremony. I've been burned on recess duty. I've been burned standing in line for french fries. Lots of things in life happen in wide-open spaces on very sunny days. And yes, you should have sunblock on, but I know I'm not the only person in the world who hates the feel and smell of that stuff!

So, back to the parasol. And I'm certainly not talking those lacey frou-frou things that four year old girls hold smiling for their Easter picture. And I'm not talking one of those delicate painted paper ones, a life-size version of the one in your tropical drink. No, I'm talking a modern, classy shade umbrella. Here's the one I like the most so far. It's just lovely. Simple and goes with everything. Everything that is except the world at large.

The problem comes with the girl. She like the parasol. But the idea of me carrying it around, let's say, at the county fair, is a little more than she can handle.

"Do you want to be known as the crazy lady with the umbrella?'

"Is that what you'll think of me, too?"


Hmmm. As much as I want a parasol, I equally don't wish to mortify my daughter in public. What is your suggestion, my three loyal readers?

In other news, here's the boy in his eyes. *huge sigh*


Nance said...

Oh, hell. I say carry the parasol. Tons of people will look, yes, but they won't think you're crazy. They'll be looking and saying, "Now that chick has the right idea."

Weaver said...

check out this knitted parasol

(I broke up the addy in hopes that it would all be there for you to find it)

I totally wouldn't think you were weird or crazy with a parasol, but have to be truthful and say that I probably would have thought my mom was a bit strange if she had used one :)

J. said...

Nance- That's exactly how I feel! That someone just needs to take the first brave step into a new parasol world. And I think that someone will be me!

Weaver- Uck! I would have DIED if my mother carried a parasol. But...I'm not my mother. I think the girl might be strong enough to handle this!