Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tick Tick Tick

I haven't taken a shower in three weeks.

I haven't been to a store in three weeks.

I have not done one load of laundry (or even been in the basement) in three weeks.

I haven't driven a car, cleaned out a cat box, mowed the lawn, taken out the trash, danced, skipped, ran, tiptoed or even wore matching shoes.

But I have cleaned out many cupboards and drawers. I've spent way too much time at the computer reading other people's blogs. I've watched a lot of movies and TV. And I've been extremely well taken care of by the most wonderful family a girl with a bad wheel could hope for.

Did you guess that today is the three week anniversary of "The little slip that turned into a big thing"? Potentially today is the halfway point of my recovery, but I've got my fingers crossed for an early release from the world of crutches and crawling. I feel really good and my toes are almost back to a normal color, no more zombie feet. I have a huge list of things I could (and some of them should) be doing. So far the list has only resulted in making me feel guilty, so I've misplaced it and it's very difficult for me to search for something, so that's that!

Is this thing cute or what? A turtle timer! It's exactly how I feel!


me said...

Ah girl I feel for you!! Hoping for early release for you. Take care of yourself!!

JD (BSP) said...

I haven't visited in a while and enjoyed the catch up on the crutches deal! Should have just stopped with the best bowling game ever ... but no.
So, NO Dance Dance for you!

Take care of your foot!