Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Put one foot in front of the other....

The news from Dr. Feet yesterday was pretty good. While I am still to stay off my foot as much as possible, I am now allowed from time to time to put some weight on my heel. I can also try practicing with only one crutch, which so far had gone terribly, but I won't give up. He said to gradually start using my boo-boo foot more and more, up to tolerance. No problem! But I'm not going to rush this. Technically, I still have another two full weeks off my feet. The last thing I want to do is get too hasty, hurt myself and have to start all over. So I'm sticking with the crutches, but I think I'll do a lot less crawling. Just being able to put my foot down for balance is such a relief!

The days are long around here with the kids gone to school, but I'm finding ways to keep busy still. I sit here at the computer a lot! Thanks to the Weaver, I have a bunch of new blogs to read all of which have been fantastic. And of course, there's always Marco and the cats to keep me entertained.

Marco: "Are we going for a walk yet?!?!?"

Jack: " Please construct a model of me out of Legos next."

Meg: "Did I just hear a chipmunk in the basement?"

Mamacat: "No way you're taking my picture."


Weaver said...

oooooooo! a few wobbly steps. COngrats on making it this long! take your time and soon you'll be thinking about the old days when you couldn't walk :)

Nance said...

You underestimate Marco. Clearly he's pondering something far more complex, like epistemologies of quantum mechanics. Or, perhaps the Bose-Einstein condensate.