Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fundraising Hell

Nance once told me that all my problems were a direct result of allowing my children to be involved in things. You were right! You were right!
We are currently hip-deep in order forms for three separate fundraisers all happening right now. We have the Girl Scout Nut Sale which this year has made the jump to include magazines. (Anyone need a renewal?) Then there's the Boy Scout Popcorn sale which is just always such an easy sell. (That should be dripping with excessive sarcasm.) The only good thing going for popcorn this year is that they brought back the tin of un-popped corn and added a straight up $25 donation option for those who want to support Scouts but hate popcorn. Finally, the music department at school is having a sale of boxed chocolates, snacks and strangely enough, kitchen gadgets. Oh and did I mention that both the girl and boy are a part of this one, so it's actually like we have four fundraisers going on. It's too much! TOO MUCH!

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Nance said...

It gives me no joy to be right. Honestly, it doesn't.

And when will Boy Scouts realize that selling overpriced popcorn is just plain asinine? They might as well try to sell junk mail. The head honchos are retarded, and I mean that in every single sense of the word.

Finally, did your fundraiser instructions come with the incredible directions that actually tell the adults NOT TO LET THE KIDS SELL THE STUFF BECAUSE IT IS TOO DANGEROUS TO LET THEM GO TO STRANGERS' HOUSES, SO YOU HAVE TO SHILL THIS CRAP FOR THEM AT WORK?! It's a mad world, I tell you.