Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bonfire Night

Here's the boy, the girl and "that other girl who's always around" at the big annual bonfire last night. This is as as close to the fire as they could stand, but still it was super hot. Every other year it's been nice and cool for this event, but this October it has been unseasonably and uncomfortably warm. The mosquitoes were awful and everyone was just reeking of bug spray.

But despite that, it was an excellent time. There was a ton of food and we all ate until we regretted. The kids took walkie-talkies and ran around in the dark woods searching for each other. They said the walkie-talkies made the whole night for them. And they were my idea, thank you very much! A big thanks to the Bartlebaughs for another memorable night!

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Neil said...

Can you believe that I am such a city boy I'm not even sure what a bonfire is! Is it like a big party outside around the fire? Isn't that fire a little too big to roast marshmallows?