Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Tree Day '07

This was by far the most memorable Christmas Tree Day of the past 15 years, but not in a good way. It started out normal enough; sprung the kids from the clink then drove and drove and drove out to the tree place. We took the truck, because throwing the tree in the back is a load more easy than trying the thing to the roof of the van, but then we had to take the van as well, because only two people can fit in the truck! Oh, well.

It was cold out there this year with a nice covering of snow. We tromped around for awhile. The dangers of being pegged with a snowball were ever constant.

We finally all agreed on a tree and the man cut it down in no time flat.

Another tree conquered!

Now came the ugly part: The drive home. It started on a bad note. Boccardi's was closed. "We're sorry. We are no longer going to open for lunch Mondays through Thursdays". What a load of crap! So now we have to figure out somewhere else for lunch and it's starting to snow. Wait. It's REALLY starting to snow.

People, it was like white-out conditions all the way home! I was a effing wreck by the time we hit our own driveway! There were cars in ditches, cars facing the wrong way, cars sliding out of control everywhere! It was nerve-wracking to say the least! Now the man has been downplaying the whole thing like I'm some kind of hysteric, but it was bad! REALLY BAD!

The tree was all snowy by the time we got it home, which meant it had to come in the house wet and frozen. But after all was said and done, the needles were swept up and the mud and water sponged clean, it ended up being a very lovely tree. I'll take a picture of it tonight when it's all lit up and looking sharp. For what we had to through to get it, it should be the best tree ever!

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