Monday, December 03, 2007

Standing the Test of Time (or why I'm due for a new bridal shower)

As you may or may not be aware, the Man and I are just days away from our 15th wedding anniversary. As usual we will spend the day tromping in the woods, murdering an innocent tree and dining out on extremely yummy pizza. You'll get that story later.

Being that it's a landmark year, I started to wonder about what else around here has survived the last 15 years besides our love. (Please refrain from those childish gagging noises!) So I started looking around for shower and wedding presents that we still use on an everyday basis. I'm not talking about the fancy-pants knick-knacks, girly wine glasses and too-pretty-to-use bowls. They live in the cupboard and will last until the end of time, provided I don't drop them during their once-every-two-years dusting. No, I'm talking about the heavy-weight bruisers of gifts that have stood year after year, toe-to-toe with the Andersons and still have some fight left.

While I surprisingly remember who got us many of these gifts, there are a few that I have no idea. Many apologies to you wonderful people. Even though I've forgotten you, your gift lives on!

I love this little hand vac. I also received a Dirt Devil upright, but that thing started bellowing black smoke within a year and that was that. I shudder to think how much birdseed and dog hair this little thing has sucked up! What a trooper! Thank you to whoever got me this!

Just this summer my stand mixer, which was also a wedding present, up and croaked. Now all I have left is my hand mixer, but it is one powerful little machine. This guy has made cookies, cakes, brownies, pudding and mashed potatoes beyond counting over the year. Thank you to whoever got my this!
Now these guys might not qualify for the "Everyday Use" category, but they do live on the freezer door everyday, always ready to make your drink extra frosty. Uncle Al, thanks for the mugs!

The man and I moved right from our mommies homes right into our own. We had nothing. The wedding provided wineglasses and heavy beer mugs, but nothing came for an everyday drink of water. Grandma C. gave me a Tupperware catalog and told me to order whatever I wanted. I wanted these. I used to have a lot more, but they crack and can't be replaced. Tupperware makes some ugly ass glasses now, no thank you. These guys get used constantly. I actually had to wash a few up quick to get this picture. Thanks Grandma!

My friend Cathy Lynn (knocked up again!), gave me this set. The lid to the sugar bowl broke as well as the lid to the butter dish. But other than that, all of these pieces get used a lot! That's the last of the Halloween candy which I promptly pitched after I took this shot!

These two are part of the same set (obviously), but they don't get out as much. Still, very pretty and practical. Thanks Cathy Lynn!

How about these two sad specimens. I had to search the WAY BACK of the towel closet to find towels I got as a bride. Truly, they were wonderful towels in their day, thick and soft. Now they look everyday of their 15 years. But they make great rags! Thanks whoever got me these!

Ah, the storage containers. The bottom one has the last of the Thanksgiving buckeyes in it. I remember trying to return these, but I couldn't figure out where they came from. Lucky thing that. There is at least one of these in the fridge or freezer all the time. Thanks for buying somewhere unusual, whoever you were!

I know who got me this one. It was Star. Not a lot of people use the door knocker, but its out there in the wind and rain all year round. Looks like it could use some polish! I'll get one of the kids on that right away. Thank you Star!

This casserole might not have made the cut for a picture because it is far from used everyday. I think it might get trotted out a couple of times a year. But I found this picture of me unwrapping it at my bridal shower and that's pretty cool.

I'm almost positive that Flame got us this salad bowl set. There used to be four little bowls. I love this set and use it all the time. Thank you Flame!

Speaking of Flame, here's a tough group of chicks who went to cuddle up with Santa between the wedding and the reception. Love ya Weaver!

But who are these two? Oh my! That is some teeny-tiny dress!

But here's my favorite wedding present. The one I got from the Man. Happy Anniversary, babe!


Weaver said...

you were so beautiful on that day (and every one since, I'm sure ;))!!! I remember thinking that you were the most beautiful bride I had ever seen! (don't worry, E, you looked pretty darn good too!)

Weaver said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

ten years ago today, we thought your anniversary was tomorrow, that's why we got married today. Still sorry we borrowed your day! and wish we could come eat pizza with you!

Nance said...

Holy crap. Has it really been that long? Happy Anniversary, you two.

Gosh, I knew you "when!"