Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Man...

Hey babe! Today you left for Vermont, FOR THE LAST TIME! I am so proud of you! To stay in touch I'm going to try to post everyday here. (But there are no guarantees on the everyday part of it!)

After you left, the kids and I also took off for the GS party. For a short little two hour party, we did a lot. There were games, food, the gift exchange and then more games. I think it went off pretty well. As you can see, we had the party in the youth room where there is a ping-pong table, a pool table, Foosball and an air hockey table.

After we got home, the kids put together the Avatar Lego set. The canon shoots these little disks and there's a catapult the shoots little green things. There's a trapdoor inside as well. It passes all the tests for Lego coolness.

You are in Utica tonight. I hope you sleep well. Drive safe tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just seeing these posts now, and I'm going to respnd to each of them, but I have to do it in this ridiculous litle keyboard, so please forgive all the typos....

That looks like a rockin' party, and I can't wait to see the Avatar set. Is the Ang cool?

Utica was okay; I really only saw my hotel room, which was pretty nice. Mmmmm, and the continental breakfast was good.