Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day Two

Dear Man,
Today we did nothing in a big glorious way. We puttered, slouched, procrastinated and dawdled all in our jammies. The big list of "Things To Do" was completely ignored. We watched two episodes of Farscape and played DDR. (Yes, I was very careful!) The biggest thing that happened all day was that, without much fuss at all, I figured out how to get songs into the boy's MP3 player.

I got this shot by telling him to just dance around and not think about that I was going to take his picture. It shows, doesn't it? He's jamming out to the Queen he got from Santa, of course. He wanted the whole CD loaded in. You've got to hand it to Guitar Hero; How else would a 12 year old kid know about and then want to listen to Queen?

I also figured out how to delete those songs that came with it, but you have to do them one at a time, so he's going to do it himself tomorrow! Bwahahahaha! I'm really happy and relieved you are in Montpelier safe and sound tonight with no driving mishaps. It's a drag that you literally have a room that stinks though!

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Anonymous said...

We are going to load the mp3 player with the coolest songs! And that's exacly why GH is an absolute goodness!

I'm very glad to hear Eldest has been returned; now I cantell the Library police to get off my back. They followed me all theway here....

But,was it a good book? That's all that really matters...

Oh, and in thatlast post, why was "for the last time" all in caps? You should really bemore careful with your formatting.