Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day Three

Where's Yausen? Where did he go? Yausen?

Here I am!

Hi Man! It's me, Yausen! I've belonged to Mommy all her life. Usually I'm hanging out in the box with all my best friends, but lately I've been getting out a lot more. It's been fun, fun, fun! Today, Mommy and the girl and boy all left and went to Grandma's. They were gone all day and I think they went out to get something to eat. My friends and I stayed nice and safe locked in the box where the girl put us. She's so sweet! I hope you are staying warm up in Vermont. I'm never cold because these jammies are very comfy and warm! Lucky me! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jausen,

I'm so glad you're enjoying your time out of the box, and I'm glad to know that you're keeping an eye on things. I know those three have a tendency to cause trouble, but with the help of Jack and Meg And Little Miss Friendliness (and of course the brains of the operation, Marco), I'm sure all will be fine.

ps. No more scaring Callie.