Monday, December 31, 2007

Day Four

Hi Daddy,
It's me the boy! I have something exciting to tell you. I FINISHED MY "ELDEST" BOOK! So now you can stop bugging me about reading it. We're going to take it back to the library today. We didn't end up going to the zoo today. We woke up late and then didn't feel like it. We made appetizers for the party tonight. Making them was kind of gross.

Every time I was sitting around doing nothing, Mom would yell "Go read your book!", so I did.

Yausen and Baby Beans are very happy too! Happy New Year!


Weaver said...

hey, what did you think of the books? I read them to the kids as they were recommended as "fantastic" the first one was written by a homeschooled kid when he was like 15, so homeschool lists always brag about how great they are. Unfortunately, I couldn't help thinking 'maybe if the book hadn't been published by his mom and dad, it would have gotten edited a bit.'

Anonymous said...

Good point, Weaver!

And I see I got my replies a little out of order, but so it goes....

Thins are good here. It's constantly snowing, and today is prety uiet because everyones recovering from last night.

My lectures in the morning. AHHHHHHHH!

(just had to say that)