Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day Five

Dear Man,

Happy New Year!!! Since we stayed up extra late last night, we ended up sleeping in extra long today. (But we didn't stay up as late as you!!!) We had a big brunch after we finally got moving. Then the girl did some nice hard work on her school project; grudgingly, but she did it.

This evening we went to Grandma's for our annual New Year's Day dinner of kielbasa and sauerkraut. Then we helped take down her tree and all the Christmas decorations. Lots of boxes to lug out and fill and then return, but we got it done in no time at all. When all was finally packed away we had apple pie and watched "Order of the Phoenix" together. The roads were very icy and scary on the way to Grandma's, but clear and easy for the drive home.

Tomorrow morning you finally get to give your lecture that you've been preparing for so long. I know you'll do great. So does Yausen and Pooh Bear! Break a leg, Man!

P.S. Tonight we got the story of Yausen's name. On the day that I got him (and Mom says that she HAD to buy him because he was they cutest doll she had ever seen), my parents were discussing a friend of theirs who was going to Boston. Right after that, I told them that my new puppet's name was Yausen. She's always assumed that I was trying to say "Boston", but it came out as Yausen. But she can't remember how old I was when all this happened. So now we have a story to go with his strange name!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to know the secret origins of Yausen's name. I hope he isn't a fan of any of the Boston sports teams though. He certainly seems smarter than that.

I'm very glad you guys ae staying so busy; I actually wish we were a little busier here because that makes the time go faster.