Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day Six

Dear Man,

This is the girl. Today we went to get my pointe shoes. I had to try on a lot of pairs of shoes. But these ones were my favorites and they fit the best. They are more pink than most shoes because they're older. They are very narrow so they had been sitting in the store a long time.

We went out shopping today and had lunch at Bennigan's. I had the potato soup, which was very good. I'm not sure if I like it more than Applebee's soup.

When we got home we cut up all the Christmas cards to make into our thank you cards. We didn't have enough cards with good pictures so Grammy gave us hers.

I'm very proud of you because you did good on your lecture today. I can't until you come home. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Girl,

Your feet look lovely in the new shoes, and I hope they're excited about the big adventure that awaits them. There's nthing wrse than having feet that aren't excited!

I, too, often wonder about which restaurant has the best potato soap. I think they should have some kind of contest where they give us free potato soup and try to win our permanent potato soup loyalty.

And thanks for the congratulations on my lecture. I think your mommy would have given me an A, too.