Monday, January 07, 2008

Day 7, 8, 9... Whatever!

I think I did pretty well, but I'm just not a post everyday kind of chick. I just don't have that much to say that would even be remotely interesting for anyone else to read. Do you want to hear about cleaning out the refrigerator or what movie we watched last night. I don't think so. Also, it was starting to feel like a job. I blog here because I enjoy it and posting everyday was taking all the fun away. Not that I have anything against you blogging everyday folk. More power to you. But I'm not thinking you'll ever find me participating in NaBloPoMo.

But none of this is important because today is GRADUATION DAY for the man!

Except there's no caps and gowns as his ceremony today. And most definitely not that many people. A few of the graduates wanted to go with the caps and gowns, but when you have a graduating class of 23, those few got shouted down pretty fast. I'm not sure what time the ceremony is (2 PM?), but just think about the man today and send him happy thoughts.

This is Vermont College, almost the whole thing. I guess there are a few other buildings, but this is the big one where most everything happens. Now you have to imagine it encased in ice and heaped with snow around it. That's what it actually looks like.

But even this being Graduation Day isn't as important as the fact that the man is driving home tomorrow. And that's all that matters. This has been a long residency for all of us. I'm so happy it's almost at an end.

So send the man your congratulations today at He would love to hear from you!


Weaver said...

congrats to the whole darn family for making thru!!!!

Nance said...

Oh, how wonderful and exciting!