Saturday, December 15, 2007

Slideshow Disaster

Ugh! What a hassle this simple little slide show has ended up being. I put it up the first time and it started scrolling through pictures that weren't mine! Why would anyone want to put pictures of people and places they didn't know on their page? It seems that nobody does because when I went to "Help" on Blogger it was chuck full of people complaining about the very same thing.

So I tried to follow the ass-backward directions that some bloggers out there used to successfully get their own pictures up, but the only thing I can achieve is "Feed Not Found". Whatever. I was getting so worked up about getting it to work, that the boy offered to bring me a beer. Did I raise this kid right or what?
Anyway, here's a couple of the shots I was hoping to slide on by:

Here's the front of the house. Love those lights down the walkway!

Our giant tree that we literally risked our lives to get home. There's the boy jamming out the Guitar Hero.

Formally known as the kitchen tree, this is now the bedroom tree. The cats love to sleep under this.

My favorite lit wreath.

And a little sprig of mistletoe!

More pictures another day!


Weaver said...

so beautiful!!! thanks for the pics. makes me almost feel like i'm there :)

Nance said...

You know, Blogger has been a real bitch lately. I've had all kinds of issues with it. Seems like every time they add a new "feature", it screws up whatever's already working. I'm really irked.