Friday, December 21, 2007

I Made It!

It might not seem like much when I say that I had to spend the last nine school days with the meanest group of sixth grade zombies ever, but believe me, it was a long, LONG nine days.
Not only were these zombies mean to each other, but they were also openly mean to me. It sucked! Me, the fave sub in the district for the past five years finally met her match in a group of angry haters. And they had the nerve to call ME mean! It was just too much to take.
Here's some highlights: This week they had to make their PowerPoint presentation on the inventor they researched. They've been working on this program for weeks and this presentation was the grand finale of all their hard work and preparation. Watching them was torture, pure torture. They would stand and face the board and read what they wrote to us off of it. "Hello, my name is Mean Zombie and this my report on Alexander Graham Bell". I spent all 55 presentations wanting to scream "I KNOW HOW TO READ! STOP READING TO ME!" Of course these zombies who spend the majority of the school day screaming at each other across the room or (just to the person sitting next to them) could barely muster more than a whisper for the presentation. Did I mention it was torture?
During recess, which was indoors eight days out of nine because of the weather, I would put Free Rice up on the Smart Board for anyone to play. Do you know Free Rice? It's a vocabulary building site that donates 20 grains of rice for every word you get right. Go and play it a little and then you'll understand why when the average vocabulary level for anyone playing was around 6, I wanted to rip my eyes out.
Today, being the last day before break we showed a movie. What should have been a cake afternoon was just misery. They talked, moved around, passed notes, got flaming angry about what was written in notes, stormed around the room, a little shoving fight broke out, a handful of zombies got shipped out and finally we just shut off the movie because no one was watching. My ears are still ringing from it all.
But it is over. Over! Over! Over! The other teacher said something along the lines about me coming back again the next time the teacher is out. Yeah, right. I'm not available, ever again. I'm terribly terrible busy and won't be able to make it. So sorry.

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Nance said...

Sometimes, you just get a nasty bunch. I know. And the crappy thing is, you can't smack 'em.