Thursday, January 17, 2008

A short week in review

I'm still not in the mood to talk about the basement and I don't think I ever will be. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's three thousands words (all bad ones at that), for you to marvel over.

I will say that I love my new washer and dryer. We bought them on Saturday and they were delivered Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. How unbelievable is that! Also today was garbage day and every single bit of the towering refuse mountain was taken away through a combination of the garbage pickers and the real garbage men. Got to love that!

On a completely different note though, I also have to give props to Sweet P. for saving her own behind last night on Project Runway with her outstanding ready-to-wear dress. I'm SO ready to wear it!

Finally, the man has a fan. One of his pieces was recently published in The Sun. A reader of The Sun and a fellow blogger fell in love with it and wanted to put it on her blog. Her story about getting in touch with the man for permission is - for lack of a better word- adorable. She describes herself as giddy. That works too. Check out her story--


dailypiglet said...

hi there, "adorable" here...:)

i'm feeling you on the basement, been there and i know how badly it sucks!

thanks for calling me adorable and not dork :)

much respect,

Weaver said...

Holy Crap that is one beautiful poem, Mr Anderson!!!

As for the basement, I wish there was something I could do, even if it was just a really good hug (although both of you guys give way better hugs than I could ever hope to). Maybe I'll send a box of something really special as a surprise-that-is-better-than-water surprise

Nance said...

Little of everything in this post. As far as PJR...I am a huge Christian fan--not of his clothes, per se, but of him. No one can gossip, snipe, and have crises like him. Last week's ep. practically killed me. If he gets eliminated, I may have to have a personal crisis of my own.

J. said...

Piglet: Actually "dork" was a serious bad word in our house when we were growing up. You would probably get in less trouble if you dropped an eff bomb! So I would never call anyone a dork with the fear my father would come jumping through a wall with a bar of soap!

Weaver: Just the idea of a surprise box from you has got me giddy! (Must be our word for the week, eh?)

Nance: Truly, I'm all over the place. This basement situation has me deeply rattled. But I'm with you on Christian-- his clothes aren't stunning, but he himself just kills me!

Heather said...

Oh no! We got water in our basement the same night, but nothing like that. How awful. I hope everything else is going well and still waiting for the graduation party invite!